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claretianos en arizonaEducaction Ministry in Prescott, Arizona, USA

Prescott Plaza Comunitaria. This program is offered at Sacred Heart, it is conducted in conjunction with the Mexican Ministry of Education, Sacred Heart Parish and Prescott College.  It’s a great program and there are many good folks working on it.

Each Tuesday and Wednesday, 5:30- 7:00pm adult students work through their elementary education. These are adults who nevergraduados 2015 prescott az finished elementary or middle school. All the coursework is conducted in Spanish and the learning modules are available on-line.

Plaza Comunitaria Prescott is a program that assists adults in getting life/work skills. Our volunteer efforts make it possible for adults and teens to reach their educational goals in a flexible and self-paced format.
Today we are very proud to share with our claretian community the graduation of 10 students graduate from primary and secondary grade.

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